How To Customize Your Order

If you see an item that you like but would prefer to have a different color base, or a different color design, just email us!

In your email please include the following:

1. Design Name: All of our designs have a name which is listed in the title.

2. Product Type: Hoodie, T-shirt, etc...

3. Color Selection: If you would like the Hoodie/t-Shirt to be a different color this is where you will give us that selection.

4. Design Color: If you would like the shirt design color to be different, ie, holographic, etc... outside of whats already on the website, this is where you would let us know.

5. Did you submit payment already: if you have already submitted payment send your information so that we can confirm. If you have not, that is okay too we will discuss after the design selection is finalized.

6. Contact information: What is the best way to contact, phone, etc...